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Maximize engagement and participation with Map Your Event™

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For the event organisers

Using our web application, event organisers can easily publish their event details, maps, guides, event times, and more in one convenient location, and then push them to the mobile app, Find your Event, for attendees to access.


For the event attendees

Using the Find your event mobile app, available for both Android and Apple phones, your attendees will be able to view an active map of your festival, create their own personalised schedule, share the excitement with their friends on social media.

All-in-one mobile app that effortlessly manages your events, maps, schedules, guides, and so much more

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Find everything with ease

The perfect solution for event and festival organisers looking to enhance their attendees' experience.

Using our web application, event organisers can easily publish their event details, maps, guides, event times, and more in one convenient location, and then push them to the mobile app, Find your Event, for attendees to access.

Find Your Perfect Festival Moment in our Event Listings

Unlock endless possibilities for your festival with our comprehensive event listings.

With our event listings, you have the power to curate an extraordinary festival program that resonates with attendees and solidifies your event's reputation as a must-attend destination.

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Event Listings

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Enhance Attendee Experience with Comprehensive Festival Guides

Enhance attendee satisfaction and engagement by equipping them with our insightful festival guides. From insider tips on must-see attractions to recommendations for nearby amenities, your guides help attendees navigate the festival grounds with ease, maximizing their enjoyment.

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Increase Your Festival's Reach with Social Media Integration

By integrating your festival's information in the mobile app with popular social media platforms, you unlock organic promotion and audience growth.

As attendees share their festival experiences with their networks, friends, and followers, the ripple effect of social sharing reaches new audiences, fueling curiosity and interest in your event.

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Keep Your Festival-Goers Informed with Real-Time Notifications

Harness the power of real-time notifications to keep your festival-goers informed and engaged.

With our integrated notification system, you can effortlessly communicate important updates, schedule changes, and exciting announcements directly to attendees' devices, ensuring they never miss a moment.

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Personalised schedule

Allow Attendees to Create Their Perfect Festival Experience

Empower your attendees to curate their perfect festival experience with our personalized scheduling feature.

By allowing attendees to create their own customized itineraries, you foster a sense of ownership and enable them to prioritize the events, performances, and activities that interest them most.

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Provide real value to your sponsors

Using Map Your Event, you can give your sponsors more detailed information about public engagement with their brand through the app

Sponsor banners can be displayed at the bottom of each main section of the app. Analytic metrics, such as 'click-thrus' are recorded. You can now provide detailed engagement information to show the value of sponsoring your event or festival

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See how your festival is performing

Gain valuable insights into your festival's performance and audience engagement with our analytics feature.

Track attendance numbers, session popularity, sponsor engagement and attendee behavior to make data-driven decisions on how to improve future events.

And much more!

Discover a wide range of additional features designed to streamline festival operations and enhance attendee experiences, all included in our comprehensive platform

Experience the convenience of centralized management with our platform, offering a multitude of behind-the-scenes features to simplify administrative tasks and optimize workflow.

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